Let’s JUMP!!
This could become an anime song with an awesome anime dance XP

With The Sketchbook. Love the dance :)

Yesterday was a happy day, because this made me wanna jump all day :D

Here is the audio ver. JUMP!!

Omg Look at how many kneesock Riko has!
So many different kinds.
The trademark of the guitarist of The Sketchbook!

The Sketchbook / REASON

Anime adaption from the game Chain Chronicle

You don’t even need to know Japanese to say that this is funny! XD

dat face thoughxxTheSketchbook

dat face though


I like it when the members of The Sketchbook wear matching clothes
So cool and cute.

We Will Survive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by The Sketchbook

Second time I went on holiday and I lost followers again :(
Don’t they like The Sketchbook anymore? I don’t. know many many blogs with The Sketchbook though.

So stuff has been piling up on my pc. Too bad I can only upload 10 at a time.
Especially because The Sketchbook has so many photos of them at  an  Animate. Currently, there are 38 Animate stores in Japan.

People who don’t know them would think they are a couple, because they wear the same t-shirt XD
To do this kind of stuff is fun! I wanna go to festivals too.